New release: Audacious 3.4

June 28, 2013

Audacious 3.4 is an incremental improvement, adding a number of requested features while retaining binary API compatibility with plugins built for version 3.3.


Changes since 3.4-beta1

Changes since 3.4-alpha1

General changes since 3.3

New commands available in the GTK interface

Other GTK interface improvements

Playlist columns can be resized (#19). This has been one of the most frequently (and vehemently) requested features. However, it requires GTK+ 3.8 or later to work 100% correctly.

Keyboard focus in the playlist is handled differently, fixing some cases where it was not updated correctly when the playlist was edited (#191).

The info bar visualization is automatically disabled when the player is minimized to the system tray in order to reduce CPU usage.