Audacious 3.10-beta1 released

July 01, 2018

Well, here we are 10 months later, and Audacious 4.0 (with a fully feature-complete Qt UI) still isn't a reality. Never fear, we haven't been totally idle. With the usual smattering of new features and a longer-than-usual list of bug fixes, we are proud to present a beta of Audacious 3.10, code-named "Not Quite There Yet".

Download the beta here.

New .pot files have been uploaded to Transifex. If you can help with translating a few new strings before the final release, we greatly appreciate it.

You may also notice that we finally have HTTPS enabled site-wide. Many thanks to Michał Lipski for getting this working!

New features (general)

Qt UI improvements (new/ported features and bug fixes)

New contributer René Bertin helped out with a few of these. (Thanks!)

Bugs fixed since Audacious 3.9

Other changes

GTK+ 3.x support is gone for real in this release. A -gtk3 branch still exists in GitHub, but it's not regularly updated. We barely have the resources to maintain support for two different toolkits, let alone three. Use Qt 5 if GTK+ 2.x is too "outdated" (i.e. reliable) for your liking.